Physio defines a foundational standard for physical therapy subjects. This is a topic that I have personally used for clients in the past, and all my clients are satisfied with their design result. In addition, Physio is perfectly suited to beginners.

I have noticed that people learn this subject within a few hours, to the point where it becomes freely manageable. This stellar health-niche subject provides functionality for clinics, physicians and physiotherapists. You will get full facilities to talk about yourself, and to list as much job description as a doctor.

The Physio theme uses SiteGreen’s page building platform,

known for its efficiency even in complex situations. And you can dig deeper into the design aspects using live theme customizers. Within the customizer is a set of dashboard panels to optimize a layout and preview the changes before hitting the save button.

As a physician, you can view your website as a solution for customers to book an appointment. If so, then you will be happy to know that the Physio theme includes calendar book appointments. Free, but with premium quality. Overall, this theme is a great experience to use, and is superbly flexible towards custom input.

Veronica is a medical WordPress theme for physiotherapists and doctors in similar fields.

Once you get the hang of WordPress and have to offer it to everyone, you can learn to use one theme for multiple websites at once. And Veronica offers great flexibility in this regard.

When I am looking at all the physicians I have met in the past, most of them talk of web technology. As a result, it is so useful to setup a website using a simple theme. And they are no simpler than the beautiful Veronica theme.

The name itself, Veronica

In addition to flexibility, Veronica has several layouts. And each layout is installable with a custom import panel, essentially letting you create a predefined website with one click. The mobile-friendly design ensures a great experience for smartphone users.

Furthermore, these days customers rely heavily on their phones to quickly find information and services. Most of all, Veronica is heavily geared on the technical side, with functionality for plugins like Yoast SEO and Advanced Custom Fields Pro!

Like its counterparts,

the Physiotherapy (which is the name of this specific design) theme tries to cover every inch of the design with relevant elements. Doctors are known for their meticulous approach to everything, so having a website design that implies such values ​​is of the utmost importance. Physiotherapy has continued to develop since its launch in 2015, and today is one of the major disciplines for this space.

So, what is the subject of physiotherapy? And first, the integration of visual composer. If you are not familiar with WordPress and Visual Composer, this is basically a plugin that allows anyone to edit the design of their website using only drag and drop elements. Basically, it is like putting a group of Lego together and getting the results you want.

This theme also adds timetables 

The first one is Isotope Gallery (for beautiful image galleries) and Flickety Slider (for stunning image sliders). Combining these four plugins, in addition to a solid design, gives any physiotherapist a strong foundation to establish an online business presence.

For those of you who want to use a physiotherapy theme for a clinic or health center, you can add many widgets related to services, team and client reviews. It has everything that this niche needs, being used for an individual project, or with superb functionality in relation to differentiating the subject when to use it for a medical health center.

The chiropractor covers 

And this is a strong sign of professionalism from the developers! The MW template is no stranger to the WordPress world and sits on the comfortable track record of Pixel Perfect Design. Chiropractor is a suitable design for subject physicians, health clinics and any type of medical centers.

The funky smooth texture of this design is easy to impress your customers. Every inch of the design is covered with something useful, allowing professionals like you to discuss their work in great detail.


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