The value of landscaping goes beyond aesthetics. Its ability to purify the air and prove oxygen is completely invaluable. If you are in this line of business, this landscaping website design is essential. Exotic Garden Landscaping is set to inspire individuals with similar businesses. Originally, the team has been building unique landscapes in Silicon Valley for over four decades.

Fortunately, the website of Exotic Gardens fulfills its goal, which is to design an ideal landscape. It has a great homepage design where high-quality images are added and the great use of visual hierarchy is evident. In addition, the sticky header provides easy and quick access to the second page of the website which demonstrates the excellent functions of this slider.

Whether you are proficient 

this landscaping website design is a good inspiration. De Leon Landscapes Company is a great, super clean and hygienic website set to generate more leads for its brand. It is a one-page landscaping site that uses odd layouts that shine well with white space around it as well as awesome GSAP animation. The Hero header comes with a quality landscaping picture, accessible tagline and clear CTA. It is loaded with a call-to-action button to get immediate feedback from potential customers. For the presentation of tasks, this website uses a grid layout with a cool slider.

Are you a professional landlord 

Having a website to spread your services efficiently is absolutely essential for your career. Garden builders promise to produce well-designed and built gardens within the client’s schedule and budget. Its website has a simple yet comprehensive design to express professionalism and creativity.

Apparently, the hero displays his successful actions through the header grid layout. Each grid represents a seamless function with a simple description and enough images. Apart from this, the featured garden section also looks great in large squares with a cool hover effect.

If you are planning to create a website for your landscaping business,

then you need to see these remarkable landscaping website designs. The green option is one that you should not miss to check. It is a landscape management company that provides quality services and efficiency in terms of landscaping.

Since green color is nature and environment friendly, this website never misses using green color. In the hero header, the elements are very clean and elegant. From highlighted images, CTAs to bold headlines, they are completely compelling. In addition, it also showcases its services with style as it embraces powerful sliders with each white space.

If you provide amazing landscaping services with quality and professionalism,

a well-designed website should be ready to showcase your portfolio worldwide. If you do not have a plan yet, this landscaping website design is very useful. Vic Turf Landscape is a team of highly skilled landscaping professionals who pay great attention to detail and guarantee customer satisfaction. Its website is an amazing presentation of its brand.

A comprehensive design of the homepage 

In particular, the slider displays quality images with captivating headlines and CTAs. In addition, some magazines featured the brand which could effectively help improve its credibility so that they could be presented with style. It also uses sticky headers to improve audience retention.

Shining in a highly competitive industry requires a strong web presence.

Whether you are a company or a professional person, integrating digital marketing into your brand promotion is highly effective. If you are planning to build your web presence as a landlord, then this motivation is irresistible. Classic Landscape Limited has a landscaping website design that will create a good impression.

As it comes with modern design and useful elements,

it is ever ready to impress potential customers. In particular, the Hero header highlights some amazing landscaping tasks through the use of a smooth slider. In addition, the service section also looks neat and clean as it embraces the card design layout and striking hover effects. Likewise, the portfolio is also wonderfully designed.


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